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November 12, 2014

People can doubt whats right in front of them. We take repetition as truth. If it only happens once, its not real – not true. We are confined by time.

Our attention spans are faltering. Our ability to think for ouselves is failing. We are raised to believe we’re always safe. We are raised to believe we cannot create change, that everything has already been done and is out of our control. Our vision is blurring. We are on the brink of a similacra.

How do we love the world and all its faults? Are we losing ourselves completely? How do we wake up? When the world comes crashing down, how will we respond?

It’s easy to block out what you’ve experienced and other people cannot see. To discard it all as nothing. Our memory is a fickle thing. You have to hold onto these thoughts and ideas tightly or they will fly away like a balloon.


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