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Walt Disney Presents: God

May 9, 2014

Seder Kegger


In the original 17th century version of Sleeping Beauty, a king happens upon the slumbering princess and attempts to wake her up. Failing in this endeavor, he proceeds to rape her while she lies unconscious. Nine months later, still asleep, she gives birth to twins.

One of the twins, while attempting to nurse at his mother’s breast, begins sucking her finger instead. He sucks out the piece of golden flax, which had her under the sleeping spell, and she wakes up. Across the kingdom, however, trouble is brewing: the king is married and the queen hears him moaning Sleeping Beauty’s name in his sleep.

Furious, the queen orders Sleeping Beauty be brought to the castle and be thrown alive into a giant fire. Upon discovering that she has twin babies, she orders the castle cook to kill them, throw their tiny bodies in a stew, and serve them to the…

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