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Wingnut Commander

February 6, 2014

Tomorrow night at eight o’clock is the beginning of something special.

We’ve been building the soil for over a year now and it’s time for Wingnut Commander to make some noise in Portland. Here are some lyrics to one of our songs.

Let’s make heaven a reality together, here and now.

The Attic From Which is Desire


The pearly gates outside of town

the Rich Reside.

Hidin’ from the masses,

actin’ like they have a Better Life.


but, the apple shaped Earth and we upon it

surely drift –


turn down the street,

watchin’ Bare Beams

shine in the night…


H*r* in Th* Attic,

noticin’ all the havoc.

H*r* in Th* Attic,

wh*r* th*y said I couldn’t hav* it.

H*r* in Th* Attic,

w* find all of us are brok*n.

H*r* in The Attic,

w* can s** th*r*’s a H*av*n,

and w* don’t wait –

w* won’t wait –

w* can’t wait

but still we wait…


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