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Look Mom, I Got An F!

October 4, 2013

Everyone should read this.

Seder Kegger


Last Sunday I celebrated my one-year anniversary of moving to Portland, Or. When I came here to pursue a career as a professional writer, I considered my life up to September 8, 2012 a success.

I’d gotten my college degree, knew what I wanted to do in a broad sense, and had just made it through a six-week summer road trip across America (without having to call my mom from a pay phone telling her I got mugged in a back alley in Biloxi). On top of that, I’d established the foundations of a faith independent from my parents’, still had my virginity, and could drink a bourbon neat with a straight face.

Within the first two months of moving to Portland, I’d found an affordable place to live in a decent neighborhood, landed a job as a school bus driver that paid my bills while giving me time to…

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