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September 4, 2013

What does it look like to live a careful life when there is too much to care for in one lifetime?

What do you do with the experiences you have in solitude that you cannot begin to explain to others?

What use is shattered glass?

How long does one have to wait for patience?

What if neurosis is a good thing?

How much is too much?

What lies in the gap between signifier and signified?

If reality is altered by artificial hands, where does one end and the other begin?

Who are we supposed to believe anymore?

How do you know when you know something?

Is bravery a gift or a skill?

Is it better to have an open mind and have it fall out, or a closed mind where nothing new fits?

How does one feel..?

Is there such a thing as a completely selfless act?

What really causes cancer?

What is empathy?

Where’re the images here?

I don’t wanna start a movement, I just wanna start movin’





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