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Thankful Thursday – 5/9/13

May 9, 2013

I’m thankful for time to read.

I’m thankful for Chumbawumba.

I’m thankful for cloudy mornings and sunny afternoons,

for the oldies station at the coffee shop I’m at,

and for people watching from my driveway.

I’m thankful for Peter’s curiosity of me on my bus,

for when my kids make fun of my jorts,

for the battle over the radio station we had yesterday (to a certain point),

and for the random facts Braxton likes to tell me or projects he likes to show me.

I’m thankful for drinking a cold PBR after drinking a warm PBR. Warm PBR’s are turrible,

for Steph Curry – because he’s who I would’ve been if I made it to the NBA like I planned as a kid,

and for whoever is reading this.


Signing off,

Grace and Love.

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