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Writing Workshop Wednesday – 5/8/13

May 8, 2013

I’m feeling quite lazy today, so I’m just going to copy and paste a writing exercise I did a few years ago. Each sentence had to start with the next letter of the alphabet.



“Absolutely,” he said raising his glass.  Brady didn’t know what he had just agreed to but he didn’t want to reveal his lack of attention.

“California it is,” Julie responded and then tapped glasses with Brady and took a sip of wine.

“Damn,” Brady thought.  Every time he visited California he regretted it and he didn’t foresee his honeymoon being any different.

“Fantastic!” he said.

“Grab your shorts and your sandels because we’re going to – ”

“Hell,” Brady interrupted.  “I’m sorry,” he quickly recovered. “Just kidding.”

Kelly, his first wife, never would have wanted to go to California.  Last night he had proposed to Julie and was already having second thoughts.

“Monday,” Julie sad.  “not a weekend or anything, the wedding has to be on a Monday.”

“Oh,” was all Brady could say since he hated Mondays.  “Perhaps I should just call it off now,” he thought.

“Quit slouching Brady,” Julie said as she flipped the page of her Brides magazine.

“Relax,” Brady thought as he sat up straight.  “Silly, you’re just being silly.”

“Tonight we should rent “Made in Manhattan,” Julie said as she placed her hand on Brady’s arm.

“Unbelievable,” Brady said with a somber tone followed by a worried glare from Julie.

“Very good movie,” he said picking up his excitement.

“Whoa,” Julie said, her attention back on her magazine.  “X could be between our names on the invitations, like a multiplication, and then we could follow it with an “= Mr. and Mrs. Stevens.”

“Yay,” Brady said shortly.  “Zippity-doo-da,” he thought sarcastically.

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