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Food for Thought Friday – 4/12/13

April 12, 2013

A quote…

[I can’t] negotiate or find some common ground [with truth.] I can’t take a little bit of truth and a little bit of my take on things. Or have a little bit of love and a little bit of my bitterness. Or have a little bit of unity, but still want to be important. So you come to some sort of negotiation. You have some sort of relationship to truth. I suppose that’s closer than, “Who cares about what’s true, I just want to do whatever makes me feel good.” I think that’s a pretty limited and superficial way to live and I think most would agree. You end up hurting people. It’s a pretty flimsy definition of freedom. If you say “Whatever’s true for you is fine, just make up your own truth.” That’s pretty flimsy too. But at the same time [if] you’re saying you have the truth, you know what’s true and everyone else needs to think like you, you just turn into a tyrant. So it seems to be within, you need to let the real work go on there. This isn’t something you need to convince anybody of. This isn’t something you should go and manipulate or prove to anybody. Whatever that fire may be, we can make it our determination to fly into it and not dance around it.

Aaron Weiss

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