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Some Things. April 4, 2013

April 4, 2013

Yes, my body did just as you implied,
while some ghost we’ll call ‘I’ idly watched through its eyes

– mewithoutYou, “Elephant in the Dock”


It’s amazing how much the weather affects us. Or maybe me. I guess I can only speak for myself.

Point is, the weather got nice and I climbed out of my hole. I don’t think I’m bipolar as much anymore and I feel motivated and active. Today is rainy, but it’s a different rainy than the Portland winter rain. In Laramie, we didn’t have much of a spring. I’m realizing how much I love spring.

Not to brag, but shooting around at the parking lot by my place yesterday in the warm sun, I made forty-five free throws in a row. Okay, I’m bragging. But, it was a big moment for me, because I remembered how therapeutic shooting free throws can be. This is the kind of thing that got me through Junior High and High School. It’s a spiritual experience and in a way quite meditative. My body, from the soles of my feet to my fingertips, working as one with my mind and spirit. Just the sound of a single echoing bounce of the ball, the flick of its release from the fingertips, and swish. Over and over and over. Then, I got into a rhythm and I lost myself, much like playing a set of music.

It is extremely important our minds, our bodies, and our spirits all work together as one, because I’ve discovered lately that you let one slip and it affects the others. If you stop taking care of your body, it will slowly weigh on your mind and spirit and bring them down with it, and vice versa, versa vice.

To live a healthy and wholesome life, we must care for each of these like they are sacred.

Because they are sacred.

We are sacred.

All life is sacred.

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