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Series of Thanks – Wednesday

February 6, 2013

I’m thankful for my job. It’s not a perfect job, but not many people these days seem to get paid for something they enjoy.

Being a bus driver has allowed me to finally become a morning person, given me time to write and read 20-30 hours a week, and interact with some interesting people young and old.

I'm Thankful for my bus

I’m thankful for my bus and its narrow turning radius

I’m thankful for Jack trying to make me laugh every day this week.

I’m thankful for Emery and Calvin racing each other to and from the bus the days they ride.

I’m thankful for the smitten smile Maddie gives me every day when she gets off and says, “Bye Brendon.” And for the game she likes to play with the-girl-whose-name-I-can-never-remember-and-at-this-point-feel-guilty-for-asking-for-the-thousandth-time where they try to stand up before I catch them in the mirror.

I’m thankful for David trying to steal my hat when he gets on, and for forcing me to make a New Year’s Resolution.

I’m thankful for Ray and his knack for entertaining people. And for all his shenanigans I should probably not laugh at but do anyways.

I’m thankful that Parker stopped hitting people and started sitting down when I tell him.

And I’m thankful Clark is allowed to ride the bus again despite Parker and Jaggers’ protest.

I’m thankful for Eva and Sarah for sitting with little Alicen in the front. And for when Alicen shows me her stuffed animals and finger puppets.

And for Kyla and her humungous cello.

And Keegan who gets mad when I don’t call him Bob.

I’m thankful for Caren and her attractive nanny who smiles and waves at me every day. How would I go about getting her number? Is that inappropriate bus driver adequate that could get me fired? I’m already on a short list with the Forest Hills principle. Should I invent another barbecue? Because I would have to actually buy a barbecue if I did. What’s her name? Does she live in Lake Oswego or Portland? Is she even the nanny, or is she Caren’s older sister? At least she provides me something to think about a few minutes a day that doesn’t seem to have the weight of heaven and hell.

And all my other elementary riders I could probably go on about.

I’m thankful for the kids on my Junior High route too, especially those who smile at me and say thanks, or ask if they can close the door or play music. I don’t know most of their names because they’re not little shits so I don’t have to. I’m also thankful that they don’t know what the hell to think about me.

I’m thankful for the bus driver wave.

Here are some more job-related thanks:

I'm thankful for my daily breakfast

I’m thankful for my daily breakfast banana – approximately 1/3 of my daily diet during the week

I'm thankful for morning layovers with Moby Dick

I’m thankful for morning layovers with Moby Dick

I'm thankful for finally breaking the 25,000 word mark in my novel

I’m thankful for finally breaking the 25,000 word mark in my novel

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