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December 17, 2012

Today is a week until Christmas Eve, so I thought I’d share the annual Mount Christmas letter to celebrate this historic day.


– – –


The year two-thousand-and-twelve has generally been an extremely busy year for the Mount family households, as confirmed by the General head of the house, Steve, when he said in an interview with me that didn’t actually happen with me, Rosie – the heroine of this family, “Well, the year two-thousand-and-twelve has generally been a busy year for us.”


Just to hit a few general highlights, Linda found herself out of breath a few times from rushing around from one place to another, accomplishing things; Steve generally had to work really hard performing the work he is required to do for his not-so-general-but-as-general-as-it-gets job as a General in the Army National Guard; Brendon generally didn’t do much; and, Becky and Kynlee and Grayde and Miles did quite a bit. (You can just trust us on that).


Here are some more specific highlights:

Steve travelled to Tunisia, Germany, Italy, Korea and Washington DC to do some very General Work. He’ll be going to Korea and many other places again next year which I’m sure you’ll hear about on next year’s family Christmas letter, but I could be wrong, there’s really no way of knowing for sure because next year is in the future.

Linda, I, and everyone else in the family and world unfortunately suffered the loss of a dog. RIP Peregrin Took Mount, aka Pippin, aka Pip-Pip.

(Please use this paragraph break to take a moment of silence. Thank you.)


Brendon graduated college in May and now has the general ability to read and write in the English language.


Becky and the rest of the Pinter clan moved from a general house in California to generally a less general house in Laketown, Utah, and finally to a purchased home in Cokeville, Wyoming where they are as happy as Grayde allows.


After Brendon graduated, Steve and Linda took him where any general college graduate would pick to celebrate their graduation – Disney World in Orlando, Florida. They rode some general rides, attended some general shows, and drank some very general drinks while they were there, and it was generally a wonderful time for everyone involved. In another interview that never happened, Linda told me, while scratching my belly, that none of those things would have been very general if her husband wasn’t there, and for that she was very thankful.

The Mounts returned from their trip to Disney World so they could soon leave on an Alaskan cruise with the Blain family for Linda’s father’s son-in-law’s daughter’s grandma’s 80th birthday. It was generally a dashing time for all who attended. Even the General. For those not in attendance such as Brendon and Becky and Kynlee and Grayde and Miles, it was just a very general experience.


In August, after taking the summer to work really hard at traveling around and doing nothing, Brendon moved to Portland, Oregon where he is generally spending his twenties in retirement. To fill some of his time and a bit of his bank account he is a Professional School Bus Driver, but he spends much of his days continuing to master reading and writing in the English language.


Becky and the Pinter clan have been settling into their new home in Cokeville, Wyoming. Kynlee and Grayde are each a year older than this time last year and Kynlee generally has been doing Kynlee things such as dancing, playing with her toys, and going numbers one and two in the toilet. Meanwhile Grayde generally spends his time doing Grayde things, such as being a cute little fella, and Becky and Miles do Kynlee and Grayde and Becky and Miles things.


As any of you can see, it’s been a heck of a busy year for us Mounts and because of it, it has generally flown by. (Or above. Steve sure does travel a lot).


From the bottom of our hearts, we all wish you a very, very merry Christmas.

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