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No Vember 2012

October 29, 2012

Soon it will be my third year of doing No Vember, a month of fasting and I realized that last year I fasted for the sake of fasting. I just wanted to see how many things I could go without for a month and obviously, because my motivations weren’t exactly noble, I crashed and burned. This year, however, I have promised myself not to fast for the sake of fasting. Everything that I am choosing to do without for the month, or various weeks or days within the month have been carefully thought out and chosen. For each fast, I have asked myself the questions, “Is this something that is interfering with the way I really want to live my life do to the way I use it at times?” and “Will doing without this really help make me a better person?” and finally, “Is this something that I want to improve on how I use, do, etc. going forward, come December and beyond?”

This year, I am doing various day fasts and week fasts 1) to go with my month fasts and 2) to take some weight off of my month fasts. I encourage any one who may be reading this to join me in No Vember and give up at least one thing for the month and for each thing ask yourself the questions above.

Happy fasting.

List of No Vembers:

Week One fasts:



Week Two fasts:



Week Three fasts:

Any and all TV


Week Four fasts:

Music (except live)



Daily Fasting Ideas:

Food Fast = No Vember 1st, 13th, and 30th

Month Long Fasting Ideas:

No more than two beers on any one night

5 min. shower (water control)

No hard alcohol




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