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Fairy Tails.

September 15, 2011

Have you ever been overwhelmingly excited about a specific set of beliefs in life for an extended period of time only to suddenly and truly realize that you are going about it the wrong way?

This just happened to me and I have been humbled.

I had this great idea to write a book after I graduate, basically about what I think is wrong about our culture. It was going to be a nonfiction book where I wanted to spark a change in as many people as I could. I wanted to convince people of my point of view. It was going to be a book about genuine conversation, which I think is discouraged in a lot of circles in our society.

The other day, I realized that this is quite silly (at least for me).

I don’t want to contribute to the conversation in this way.

For one, people who already lean toward my point of view are going to be the ones who would read and support the book.

People with different point of views would just reject the book.

I don’t want to try and convince people of my way of life through talking and arguing, or really through any medium.

There is a certainly a sense of self-righteousness in that; to think that my views are so much better than everyone else’s. That I have something that other people don’t. That God reveals things to me better than He does everyone else.

I don’t want any part of trying to lead a movement. Not that way. Not in a scholarly way.

Therefore, I am refocusing my attentions to literature; to fiction, poetry, and song.

I am going to, as Gandhi once said, “Be the change [I] want to see.”

There is a certain amount of ambiguity in fiction, poetry, and song, that cannot be found in nonfiction. The latter is more of an art.

Nonfiction is explainable at least in the typical essay format. It is within the author’s grasp. It is not, in my opinion, art. And art is what I am interested in.

Because there is beauty in ambiguity.

Great art is found when the the artist is reaching beyond what he/she can grasp.

And that is where I see God the most.

I don’t want to try and convince people that they need to change.

I want to help people see God by just being what I am. And I believe that is in my creativity, not my philosophy.

God is everywhere, not just in a select group of people..but that’s not what his blog is about.

So, with that said, I am taking a break from blogging. For now. I want to focus my writing away from nonfiction. For now.

I want to stop making arguments and start making art.

Here are some song lyrics I wrote a couple months ago that I think illustrate my point.


Fairy Tales

Love, love, love is the bottom line He said.

Love, love, love is the bottom line we gave up

Love, to walk away on the road of code

Where the endings rise and the smoke of love

Debate with all the sounds.

Of what one sentimental ear could

Repeat. With word.

To the temperamental flames

Of the guns of the fightings of the “saved”

That the fairy tales forgave.

That the fairy tales forgave

With the weak, the poor, the lame.

And the knight who had to slay the dragon

Had to be amazed by the wings that the dragon flew by

In the ocean where the sharks lie

The artist gently floats by

While the builder runs out of bricks

Upon and old abandoned  ship

That gave away the script

Because the lines had been filled in.

It is a shame to fan an open flame

Where love is heard and action fades away

It is the same

That fairy tales forgave.

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