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September 9, 2011

I am going to do something I haven’t done on this blog yet and write about sports. So, for those of you who don’t care about sports…you should probably care about sports. At least for the time it takes you to read this blog.

I have never been more pumped for football season. It may be because of fantasy football, it may be because the UW Cowboys have new uniforms (they may loo

se to all Division 1 teams they play this year, but at least they’ll look good in the process), or maybe it’s because I will have access to the NFL Redzone channel. Goodbye homework marathon Sundays, (but also do nothing productive Saturdays) and hello NFL and barbecue chicken nacho marathon Sundays.

Since most of you (the four people who read his) will probably be bored by this,

I will try to keep it short.

Regardless, here are my predictions for the NFL season:

Every year there are a couple surprise teams that go from bottom eaters to top feeders from the previous year. I will call these “a couple surprise teams that go f

rom bottom eaters to top feeders” or maybe “zombies.” Cause the former will save some space.

AFC surprise team that will go from bottom eater to top feeder:

Buffalo Bills.

Is it because they’re to the AFC East as the University of Wyoming is to the M

ountain West and therefore I just hope every year that this year is the year they have a randomly successful season? No. Why would you ask that?

It’s mostly just a random hunch that I’m going off here but I would never admit t

hat if it came true. Even if I was shown the previous statement. Also, because all the “experts” on ESPN are picking their surprise teams that go from bottom eaters to top feeders and no one is picking the Bills despite Fitzpatrick’s, emergence last year along with Steve Johnson, and Fred Jackson, along with the cold weather and the who knows if it’s good or bad defense.

NFC surprise team that will go from bottom eater to top feeder:

San Fransisco.

Why? Because they’ve been everyone’s preseason surprise team for the last two years only to fail to make the playoffs. However, no one is picking them to do anything this year and for that reason alone, I am picking them. They have a pretty good defense, a healthy Frank Gore, and an Alex Smith who has been given a seventh try.

Super Bowl Picks:

The Green Bay Packers will repeat against the Baltimore Ravens.

Yep, the Baltimore Ravens. I am expecting big things from Joe Flacco.

And once again, this is the year every got bored with picking them to do much.

So I am picking them to do just that.

Other Predictions:

There will be a total of three kick off returns this year (one already happened on Thursday) and a lot of anti-depressions handed out to the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears owners. (Because they paid big bucks for Josh Cribbs and Devon Hester basically one for special teams). Now, with the kick off moved up, touchbacks will ruin the game. Okay, not ruin, but taint it. Okay, not taint it, but frustrate a few people.

Also, I think Tampa Bay will have a great year and make it to the NFC Championship game and loose to video game Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

The Denver Broncos will continue to suck. But they will do a little better than last year.

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