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July 20, 2011

I have been obsessed with creativity for the last six months or so and in this obsession, I have found many parallels with creativity and life.

The parallel that I have noticed most recently is concerning failure.

As a creator, you cannot be afraid of failure because if you’re trying not to fail, then you’re not pushing yourself and growing very much. You’re playing it safe and therefore not reaching out beyond yourself, which I think is a key attribute to great art.

This is similar in life. And I think that life is the greatest art form.

You cannot and should not be afraid of failure because that means that you’re playing it safe. If you are playing it safe and avoiding failure then you are not pushing yourself to be a better person. You’re not taking chances and experiencing new things. To learn and to grow.

You must not be afraid of failure but rather embrace failure as a part of life.

You must be confident in your failures.

That way, you can learn from them and move past them and become a better person because of them.

So take a chance on something today and if you fail, embrace it.

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