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October 4, 2017

How fearful are weWhen it’s quiet? How uncomfortable do we get,

Squirming around, afraid to face our own puzzling thoughts?

How fearful are we,

To hear a strong opinion that differs from our own

And immediately begin to talk before the point is heard?

How stubborn are we

To never admit that our honesty might honestly be in the wrong,

To put on an act as if we’re not the ones who create the law

Day by day, in how we act

Pushing our way to the front of the line

Despite the bruises we leave behind?

Who even are we

To have to sniff the sewage from time to time 

and blame our sister for defecating and inconveniencing our noses

When we ourselves are blind to the fact that

We’re too far up in our towers to

Hear the plop, while it’s all she hears

Day in day out, and her nose has gone completely numb. 

How stupid are we

To think we deserve

More from life than what your life is worth? 

How fearful are we

To experience some peace and quiet?

So what do I do but fill the void with yet another gasbag riot?


A Couple Sorry Kids

September 5, 2017

A couple sorry kids

With fireworks in the woods

What a show they put on

Ashes falling from the sky over the whole city

People packing up their things

Some leaving their homes

Now we’re all talking about them damn kids

And their stupidity
When I was sixteen,

I nearly blew up my friends

Shooting fireworks from the window of a moving car

Ashes filled the front seat

We escaped in the nick of time 

Only us four talked about those damn kids

And their stupidity
Bombs let off outside our borders

Occuring nearly everyday

Ashes fall over dead bodies

Most with little warning

To pack their things and leave their homes

The survivors left talking about those damn kids

And their stupidity


August 6, 2017

I am small…

A speck of dirt

A drop of H2O, in the middle of an endless flow

I am light

In the middle of 

The in between the shadows

I am death…

Every moment I’m alive

Looking for another way to die

It is enough…

To sit, to stand

To hold another’s hand

It is never…

A waste of time 

To laugh, to cry

There may be no god

In the sky

I’d like to think there is

But who am I? 

I’m just a land mine

Waiting for the chance to do

What I was made to do…

this – Rabbit in the Garden

April 10, 2016

Great Coaching. 

February 14, 2016

Your Life, Your Call …

December 29, 2015

…stand up or enjoy your fall

Have a Christmas

December 25, 2015