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August 6, 2017

I am small…

A speck of dirt

A drop of H2O, in the middle of an endless flow

I am light

In the middle of 

The in between the shadows

I am death…

Every moment I’m alive

Looking for another way to die

It is enough…

To sit, to stand

To hold another’s hand

It is never…

A waste of time 

To laugh, to cry

There may be no god

In the sky

I’d like to think there is

But who am I? 

I’m just a land mine

Waiting for the chance to do

What I was made to do…

this – Rabbit in the Garden

April 10, 2016

Great Coaching. 

February 14, 2016

Your Life, Your Call …

December 29, 2015

…stand up or enjoy your fall

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December 25, 2015

Walking in the Air

December 20, 2015

X-mas Spirit Catcher

December 18, 2015